Episode 10: How to Quit

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In this episode of Act Natural, Courtney dives into her teaching years and shares what ultimately what lead to her leaving. John encourages listeners to persevere and work double jobs while you prepare for a side hustle, and the two reminisce all the late nights they spent working to make their new life possible. Tune in to this episode of learning how to quit to learn if you're ready to leave your 9-5!

Show Notes


 Give Yourself Permission

There’s a difference in being content and being complacent in your life. It’s okay to want something different, even if you went to school for several years for the field you’re currently in. That’s what happened with Courtney as a teacher. She had this romantic idea of what teaching would be, and struggled with wanting more outside of her degree. After working in education for 3 years and enduring the balance of our developing coffeeshop, shooting weddings and dealing with a few not-so-great students, Courtney decided it was time for something to give. Giving herself the permission to branch out and to want more past her degree was the hardest stage of “quitting”. 

Tired and Spent

We’re aware that everything takes hard work, and moving on to something different doesn’t mean it’s going to be easier than your first gig. Between shooting weddings, running the coffeeshop, and having meetings about one of our non-profits, Letters in Motion, Courtney was also having to deal with ornery students and non-supportive parents. It was very hard work for those 3 years she was teaching. Teaching is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and it was a tough environment for Courtney to be in day in and day out feeling this self doubt she’d been facing. 

Contentment vs. Complacency

Your entire life does not have to stay within the box of your degree! John refers to the life of Ken Jen, now a famous actor and comedian, was a doctor before he began his acting career. He was bold enough to want something different with is life, and he gave himself permission to want more past his “set” life. Some people probably think he’s crazy for giving up that lifestyle he had, but we think it’s so brave! Now he’s in movies living his dreams, all because he took that leap. 

Desire is a Contract

Naval Ruvikant has a quote about wanting more that really resonates with us. “Desire is a contract that you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want.” Living a fulfilling and happy life cannot be consumed with this desire to be immediately where you want to be, but being uncomfortable doesn’t always have to be attached to being unhappy. You have to work hard for what you want, and you have a responsibility to yourself to finish what you start. Just cut yourself some slack if you find yourself wanting more outside whatever realm you specialize in.