Episode 19: "No, I don't Want Kids"


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In this episode of Act Natural, John and Courtney share real stories of their pregnancy. They discuss the social pressures of having kids and people's reactions when you share your hesitation with walking into parenthood. Tune into this episode to hear their opinions, their fears, and their reactions to people's pressure to reproduce!

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Show Notes

“When are you gonna have kids?”

People make light of having children, and it’s a really serious thing. Courtney was approached constantly before she had Henry by people asking when she was gonna have a baby. She was insulted initially, and feels even more insulted now after having to adjust to motherhood. It’s a very hard job to take on. When the baby is crying and the nurses are all gone, and you’re the sole care-taker of this human being, it can be very overwhelming. Yes, biologically humans are supposed to make more humans, but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to. 

Henry has been the biggest joy in our lives and has completely changed our lives, but no one should ever pressure someone else to have a child.

Invasion of Privacy

People have this tendency to ask very personal questions to expecting mother’s. They usually mean well, but asking how much a woman is dilated seems inappropriate in light conversation. There’s also the habit of people glossing over how painful and traumatic childbirth can be. Being a parent is not easy, and for there to be this social pressure to procreate is just unfair for young women who aren’t ready for kids, or just don’t want kids. Courtney opens up about the fear she experienced when she found out she was pregnant, and the tears she shed when she finally took a pregnancy test. 

Sharing the Joy

Now, we know most people that mention having a baby to young couples mean well. They usually have families of their own, and find so much joy in their children. We experience that joy ourselves with Henry; he’s been the greatest thing in our lives and brought so much clarity to where we want to be in the future. Still we’d never want to pressure anyone that isn’t ready for all the other things that come with parenthood. Having a child is a monument change that not everyone is ready for, and that’s okay! It’s important that people respect other’s boundaries.